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Gunther’s Christmas Gift Guide

We’re giving the keyboard to the pets for the next couple of posts so they can write their letters to Santa Paws. Here’s a gift guide for dog owners with a large, high-energy power chewer who loves running around with his people and barking his head off at the wind, provided by our resident goon, Gunther.  Goughnuts  Goughnuts answer the prayers of anyone who owns a power-chewer. They’re made of durable rubber and come in different sizes, thicknesses, and strengths depending on your dog’s chewing needs.  Our favourite thing about Goughnuts is how safe they are for a chew toy. The inside is a different colour from the chewable outer rubber layer, so it’s very obvious if your dog damages the toy enough that it could cause them harm. If you see the inner rubber layer, take the toy from your dog and contact Goughnuts—they’ll replace it for the cost … Read more