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Cat Enrichment 101

Cats are transitioning from aloof farm animals to fluffy apartment-dwellers, and while they certainly love the warmth of a human lap, they have fewer outlets for natural behaviours like play, hunting and hiding. This leads to behavioural issues like increased stress, separation anxiety and urinating outside the litterbox, not to mention medical issues like obesity.  While we’ve talked about dog enrichment lots, many people in the animal industry forget that cats can benefit from enrichment too. Not only can it head off many potential issues, but it also stops them getting bored. Cats are naturally really playful! How to Provide Enrichment for Cats?  Many cats are aloof, and you may struggle to find ways to engage with them at home. A good place to start is to remember the role cats traditionally have on a farm: pest control.  Enrichment with Hunting and Play Hunting and play go hand in hand. The … Read more

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Help! My Dog Has Eaten Weed

Marijuana ingestion is one of the most common toxicities I’ve seen as a veterinary nurse, both in places where it’s legal (like Canada) and illegal … Read more

Dog Sports

What is Canicross?

Canicross (sometimes styled as CaniX) is cross-country running with your dog out in front pulling you along. It uses a bungee and special harness so … Read more

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Veterinary Advice

Are Grapes Bad for Dogs?

Grapes are really bad for dogs. They are one of the most toxic foods that your dog can eat. If you’re reading this article after your … Read more