The Art of Nutritional Enrichment — Enrichment 101

Nutritional enrichment is the easiest and most fun form of enrichment to do with your dog.  Dogs, like us, are omnivorous, so they need to eat various meat, roots, fruit and vegetables to meet their nutritional requirements. Most pet dogs eat wet, dry or raw food, leaving plenty of room for some novelty and nutritional enrichment when it comes to meals or snacks.  We’ve mentioned using feeding toys to provide some enrichment before, but nutritional enrichment aims to bring more variety into our dogs’ lives.  Things to consider before introducing nutritional enrichment to your dog I frequently include the trusty “poisonous for dogs” list on our posts. It’s self-explanatory, don’t feed any of the foods on the poison list! Consider your own dog’s needs when it comes to nutritional enrichment: Do they have allergies? Are they trying to lose weight? Tailor your choices in nutritional enrichment accordingly. 60-pound Gunther can get … Read more