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Bing’s Christmas Gift Guide

Now it’s Bing’s turn to write his Christmas Gift Guide. Bing prefers a slower-paced life to Gunther, but will still tackle an agility course at pace!  Read on for some gift ideas that may suit the smaller dog in your life.  Kong Lotus Ball  We use this Lotus Ball as Bing’s reward toy in agility. The velcro flaps are easy to dig into, so they don’t pose much of a challenge to a determined little Shih-Tzu Cross when he knows there’s a yummy treat inside.  It is small and light enough to throw for fun games of fetch as a motivator for dogs with no interest in a regular ball.  A Personalised Hoodie  Bing is a smooth-coated little guy who feels the cold in the winter months. His hoodie is one of his favourite things. We never thought we would own a dog that wore clothes, but Bing will bring … Read more


Is Pumpkin Good for my Dog?

Pumpkins aren’t just for decoration or Thanksgiving dinner, they can be a great addition to your dog’s diet as well. Unfortunately, canned pumpkin is hard … Read more

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Veterinary Advice

Are lilies poisonous to cats?

Cats are notorious for eating houseplants (or at least nibbling at their leaves) and knocking over flower arrangements. While the plants usually come off worse … Read more

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Cat Enrichment 101

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Veterinary Advice

Help! My Dog Has Eaten Weed

Marijuana ingestion is one of the most common toxicities I’ve seen as a veterinary nurse, both in places where it’s legal (like Canada) and illegal … Read more

Dog Sports

What is Canicross?

Canicross (sometimes styled as CaniX) is cross-country running with your dog out in front pulling you along. It uses a bungee and special harness so … Read more