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Why Won’t My Dog Eat Their New Food?

If you are struggling to get your dog to eat the new food you’ve bought them, you’re not alone. It’s an incredibly common complaint that I see all the time when I’m working in practice. There are many reasons why dogs can be picky eaters. Sometimes, we accidentally train them to be fussy with food, but some dogs are also naturally more selective about what they eat than others. It’s called neophobia. Why won’t my dog eat their new food? Neophobia—the fear or suspicion of new things—is a natural instinct for most wild animals and is essential for self-preservation. Wolves and wild dogs show a wariness towards new things, such as people and food, and will slowly become more curious and investigate the new thing when it proves it isn’t dangerous to them or their pack. When it comes to food, our dogs need to sniff, mouth and paw at any new … Read more