gunther enjoying a puppuccino

What is a puppuccino and are they safe for dogs?

Puppuccinos have been a (not so) secret menu item in Starbucks for several years now. They’re so popular that many smaller coffee shops have also started doing “pup cups” to tempt canine customers to their cafes with their owners in tow. But what’s in a puppuccino? And are they actually safe for dogs? Let’s find out. What’s in a pup cup?  Gunther is a pup-cup connoisseur. We’ve given him puppuccinos from any coffee shop that offers them, and they’re all the same: a large blob of canned whipped cream.  Dogs love them because they are palatable and high-calorie, just like other favourites cheese and chicken. Dogs are big fans of junk food—just like us.  Are pup cups safe to give dogs? Yes, pup cups are safe as an occasional treat for most dogs. Just don’t make a habit out of it. (There are healthier enrichment options for your dog.) Dogs with sensitive … Read more