gunther on tie out

Barbecuing with dogs — how to stay safe and have fun

Barbecuing with dogs sounds fun—but normally, at best, our pets are a bit of hindrance. And at worst, they’re a danger to themselves, your guests, and, most of all, your carefully prepared food.  Here are some tips for better barbecuing with dogs. If you don’t have time to read the whole article just think: a safe dog is entertained, contained, or restrained.  Barbecuing with dogs? Prioritize them If you aren’t the barbecue’s host and dogs are invited, consider whether your dog is a suitable guest—Bing loves a good barbecue but Gunther… we’ll talk about in a minute.  There is no shame in recognising that unfamiliar places and situations aren’t a good fit for your dog and deciding to work towards being able to enjoy them in the future. Making this choice will minimise stress on you and your dog and make the day more enjoyable.  Gunther still isn’t very good … Read more