crate train your dog as a puppy

5 Reasons to Crate-Train Your Dog

We crate-train our dogs as soon as we get them—whether they enter our family as puppies or adults. You can find different opinions on crate training on the internet, but we—and most good dog trainers—find the benefits of the crate far outweigh the well-intentioned but misguided concerns of internet strangers. Here are five reasons to crate-train your dogs. Crate-Training Your Dog Makes Toilet Training Simple Crates make toilet training a new puppy or adult dog really easy. Dogs won’t urinate or defecate where they sleep, starting from a young age.  When Bing came home aged a year and a half, the first thing he did was cock a leg on one of the stools at my breakfast bar. Not a great start. I knew the SPCA had found him as a stray, but I could also tell from our very brief time together that he’d had a home in the … Read more

dogs are bad for grapes

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Are Grapes Bad for Dogs?

Grapes are really bad for dogs. They are one of the most toxic foods that your dog can eat. If you’re reading this article after your … Read more