Gunther’s Christmas Gift Guide

gunther and destructo box enrichment budget ideas

We’re giving the keyboard to the pets for the next couple of posts so they can write their letters to Santa Paws. Here’s a gift guide for dog owners with a large, high-energy power chewer who loves running around with his people and barking his head off at the wind, provided by our resident goon, Gunther. 


gunther with goughuts

Goughnuts answer the prayers of anyone who owns a power-chewer. They’re made of durable rubber and come in different sizes, thicknesses, and strengths depending on your dog’s chewing needs. 

Our favourite thing about Goughnuts is how safe they are for a chew toy. The inside is a different colour from the chewable outer rubber layer, so it’s very obvious if your dog damages the toy enough that it could cause them harm. If you see the inner rubber layer, take the toy from your dog and contact Goughnuts—they’ll replace it for the cost of shipping

Any toy manufacturer that prioritises safety above all else will get repeat business from us and deserves to be recommended to everyone. Gunther has the Black Ring for Power Chewers in a medium but there are plenty of other options.

Fluff and Tuff Stuffed Toys 

ross the fluff and tuff

If your dog prefers softer toys but rips them apart too quickly, give a  Fluff & Tuff toy a try. 

While they are not indestructible, they’ve lasted longer in our house than any other soft toy. One dinosaur called Ross has lasted a full year! And even as they do come apart, they’re designed so that stuffing doesn’t go everywhere, they don’t rip all at once, and there’s no hard plastic that could harm your dog. 

Fluff & Tuffs come in all shapes and sizes so there is definitely one suitable for every pup in the audience. 

Soda-Pup Range

gunther and his nylon sodapup butterfly

We own a lot of Sodapup toys, but these three are our favourites. 

The Nylon Butterfly 

Nothing is as ridiculous as seeing your scary working shepherd value a purple butterfly above all else, but this little lady has Gunther’s heart. These chews are another godsend for power-chewer. 

The Honeycomb lickmat 

We have discussed our love of licking as a source of enrichment for dogs before, and Sodapup lick-mats are becoming fast favourites. The honeycomb mat is small enough to be a challenge but holds enough food to keep Gunther entertained for up to a half hour. It’s also super flat for easy storage and can be washed easily with or without a dishwasher. 

The Honeypot

This Honeypot puzzle feeder is the easiest we’ve tried on the market to fill and freeze. The flat bottom holds liquid and soft food without leaking and doesn’t take up much freezer space. 

We recommend freezing because it might be too easy for smart pups like G to finish quickly if it isn’t. A frozen honeypot will last Gunther at least twenty minutes. 


gunther and tug e nuff

If you have a big dog who loves to play tug, we recommend a Tug-E-Nuff

These tugs on bungees they spare our backs, shoulders and knees when playing intense games with Gunther; he likes to whip his head back and forth with his teeth in the toy. As well as being handy for self-preservation (I like my knees just they way they are), they also stop Gunther hurting himself by whipping too hard—the bungee dissipates all the force.

Tug-E-Nuff have a huge range of tug toys for all shapes and sizes of dogs, no matter what they are motivated by. 

Gunther’s Christmas Gift Guide is perfect for anyone in your life who has a big dog that likes to do any normal “big dog” stuff, as well as any small dogs that like interactive play and chewing. While some of the items on this list are expensive, each of them is well-made and, if treated properly by the human in the relationship, will last a long time.


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