Common Sense Caveat

As pet owners we’re concerned about the quality of the food we feed Bing, Gunther, and Fred,, the products we give them, and the services we use for them. We always strive to provide nothing but the best; however, we are also aware that we are ultimately responsible for their care and supervision. 

To that end, we have this “Common Sense Caveat” that outlines the responsible use of any products or services we recommend. 

  • No toy is indestructible—even the ones for “tough chewers”. If you have a super chewer, don’t leave them unsupervised with any toys to prevent injury or intestinal blockage. Even large chew toys can be gnawed down to small, swallowable chunks by a dedicated destructive dog. 
  • Size any toy you provide your dog appropriately. Don’t give a large dog a toy that completely fits in their mouth. If they can hold the entire toy in their mouth, they can swallow it. 
  • Remove labels, tags and packaging from any toys or chews you provide your dog. You have the opposable thumbs, not them.
  • Not every dog will be able to stomach the same treats. If you know your dog has allergies, monitor what triggers them and avoid those foods. Also, be aware of common poisonous foods for dogs. 
  • Follow instructions outlined by the manufacturers on all toys and treats. They’re there for a reason! 

This Caveat will be linked at the bottom of all of our product recommendation articles and is available to read at all times on this page.  If you’ve any questions, get in touch.