Bing’s Christmas Gift Guide

bing enrichment toys

Now it’s Bing’s turn to write his Christmas Gift Guide. Bing prefers a slower-paced life to Gunther, but will still tackle an agility course at pace! 

Read on for some gift ideas that may suit the smaller dog in your life. 

Kong Lotus Ball 

bing happy
Bing after getting his Lotus Ball.

We use this Lotus Ball as Bing’s reward toy in agility. The velcro flaps are easy to dig into, so they don’t pose much of a challenge to a determined little Shih-Tzu Cross when he knows there’s a yummy treat inside. 

It is small and light enough to throw for fun games of fetch as a motivator for dogs with no interest in a regular ball. 

A Personalised Hoodie 

bing in his hoodie
It says Bing on the back!

Bing is a smooth-coated little guy who feels the cold in the winter months. His hoodie is one of his favourite things. We never thought we would own a dog that wore clothes, but Bing will bring his hoodie to us if he’s chilly, so who are we to deny him?

Personalised hoodies are a cheap, fun gift for any dog, no matter what size. But, if you’re buying for someone else’s pup, double-check measurements before you spend the money. 

A High-Quality Adventure Harness

bing sniffing around
Bing isn’t as athletic as Gunther but he’s still in good shape.

Small dogs can have big adventures too! If 2023 is the year you and your mini-mountaineer are hitting the trials, then a good-quality harness is a great, practical Christmas gift. 

Our favourite is the Ruffwear Flagline harness. It has multiple adjustable straps to tailor its size to pups who are oddly shaped (like Bing) and has a handle to help carry them over larger obstacles. 

This harness has three leash attachment spots, one on the front to prevent pulling and two on the back of the harness. It also allows for a full range of shoulder movement, a common issue with many harnesses on the market. 

Atlas and Tail training treats 

atlas and tails

Bing is the most food-motivated little dog around, so this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our favourite treats this year. Atlas and Tail are an Irish brand that makes high-quality, 100% meat training treats. 

They are available in a variety of different proteins—including ostrich and kangaroo—so even dogs with allergies can find one that they can tolerate. And because they are 100% freeze-dried meat, they’re low in calories too!

We put them in the Lotus Ball as a reward for Bing’s hard work in agility class, and he can’t get enough of them. 

Small dogs with big attitudes can be tricky to buy for, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve something special now and then.