Hello to Things That Go Woof!

two dogs one cat

Welcome to Bing’s Best Things. A brand new and exciting website where a small Shih-Tzu-cross and his family find and review the best pet products and services available to pet owners around the world. I (Hannah, Bing’s favored opposable thumbs) will also throw in tips and tricks for healthy and happy animals from my ten years as a veterinary nurse in North America and Europe. 

We know you’re going to enjoy coming on this journey with us and will hopefully even learn a few things along the way. We’re always happy to make new friends, so feel free to give us a follow on our Instagram to see what we get up to on a daily basis and maybe even a sneak peek on what we’re reviewing next. 

To start with, we’re going to  look at some common issues experienced by dogs, cats and the people who are lucky enough to share their lives with them and give some tips on how to manage them. 

You’ll also see some guest reviewers pop up from time to time to give opinions from all manner of different dogs, cats and people. 

If you’re a company that wants to get in touch, that’s great but be sure to read Bing’s Review Policy here. 

Wanna know more about Bing and the gang? Check out the About section here.


Bing, Gunther, Hannah, Harry, and Fred.