marti the dog with charcoal

Help! My dog ate something it shouldn’t

Puppies love to explore the world with their mouths. They bite, chew, and nibble their way around their environment—and often eat things they really shouldn’t. In practice, I’ve seen puppies that have eaten yoga mats, chowed down on chocolate, and swallowed socks. Here’s what to do if your puppy eats something silly. Meet Martini Martini (Marti, to her friends) is a new addition to our extended family pack. She came home with my sister and her partner two weeks ago. She’s a ten-week-old crossbreed who loves a cuddle and has an insatiable appetite for chicken. At 11pm last Sunday night, she decided to start exploring the local fungi. Fun! What do I do when my puppy eats something strange?  When your puppy eats something stupid, Google is your bestfriend. Some things that sound ridiculous—like birth control pills, cat poo, and their own vomit—are relatively alright, and others—like grapes, weed brownies, … Read more

white flowers

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Are lilies poisonous to cats?

Cats are notorious for eating houseplants (or at least nibbling at their leaves) and knocking over flower arrangements. While the plants usually come off worse … Read more

weed is bad for dogs

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Help! My Dog Has Eaten Weed

Marijuana ingestion is one of the most common toxicities I’ve seen as a veterinary nurse, both in places where it’s legal (like Canada) and illegal … Read more

dogs are bad for grapes

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Are Grapes Bad for Dogs?

Grapes are really bad for dogs. They are one of the most toxic foods that your dog can eat. If you’re reading this article after your … Read more