weed is bad for dogs

Help! My Dog Has Eaten Weed

Marijuana ingestion is one of the most common toxicities I’ve seen as a veterinary nurse, both in places where it’s legal (like Canada) and illegal (like Ireland). Some dogs just love the smell of weed so will eat it if given the opportunity. Unfortunately, while weed is essentially harmless in humans it can be dangerous to dogs. If your dog has eaten weed (or hash, cannabis oils, or any other form of marijuana) call your vet immediately. What Happens When a Dog Eats Marijuana Dogs are highly sensitive to the THC compounds in marijuana and will feel pretty unwell after eating it. Symptoms to look out for include: Excessive drooling. Urinary incontinence.  Seeming very spaced out (yes, they get stoned). Incoordination or being unable to walk. A very distinctive head-bobbing movement . Tremors or shivering. Startling at sudden movements or sounds. Honestly, they look like they’re having a really bad trip. … Read more

dogs are bad for grapes

Veterinary Advice

Are Grapes Bad for Dogs?

Grapes are really bad for dogs. They are one of the most toxic foods that your dog can eat. If you’re reading this article after your … Read more