gunther and destructo box enrichment budget ideas

Enrichment on a Budget — Enrichment 101

Owning a dog (or cat, ferret, or rabbit) can be expensive. High-quality food, vet bills and toys can all add up, especially with rising inflation. While we will mention many quality products in this Enrichment 101 series, it IS possible to provide enrichment on a budget to your dog. Here are six great enrichment ideas that don’t break the bank.  Destructo-Boxes — The Ultimate Budget Enrichment Toy I’m not sure what others call these, but I’ve coined the term “Destructo-box“ because everything in these boxes is destructible. Save a medium-to-large box from any deliveries you receive and fill it with the any scraps of paper you have. Empty envelopes, cardboard packaging (ink- and tape-free), letters from unwanted secret admirers; you name it, pop it in there. And it doesn’t have to be paper, just dog safe. (Another fun idea is to put dead leaves in autumn and offcuts from non-toxic … Read more